Setting L700 up:

start-up at the flick of a wrist

The L700 system marries the benefits of electronic access control to a unique-tothe- market light-based technology. L700 sets enable doors to be opened “at the speed of light”.

Screw on, scan in, go

The L700 system is ready to go within minutes:

  1. Fit your L700 set(s) to the door(s).
  2. Download the LightPass or else use your browser to access it via the web portal.
  3. Log on with your email address and enter a personal password.
  4. Register your L700 set by using your smartphone or tablet to scan in the QR code supplied with the product.
  5. Good to go!

Global administration round the clock

As the administrator, you select the means of administration most convenient to yourself – whether that be your PC, laptop/ netbook, tablet or smartphone. The timeconsuming programming or use of a programming device frequently required is done away with.

Individual access authorisations and the locking plan are administered by your web browser via an online platform or else by means of the LightPass app. This facilitates both centralised and decentralised control of the system via an intuitive user interface. Access authorisations are conveniently administered in global (e. g. groupwide) structures as well as more locally (in scenarios such as the shared use of office complexes in the form, for instance of desk-sharing or co-working).

Access authorisations can be individualised in the most diverse of ways: in just a few steps you award or revoke temporary, comprehensive or spatially-defined authorisations, monitor events and administer locking plans or allow other persons to coadminister them.

Also for use with a transponder

It is also possible to open doors with the aid of Mifare® DESFire technology and a transponder in the shape of a card or batteryless key tag. Under this arrangement, access authorisation is transmitted via the internet, an intranet or WiFi to an update terminal installed in the building.

The transponder is held up to the update terminal and programmed with the access authorisations. The transponder then initiates the opening of the door at the L700 set.