L700 LightAccess Pro

Access at the speed of light

Smartphones have already become the primary point around which we organize our daily lives. The L700 LightAccess Pro system marries the benefits of electronic access control to a unique-to-the-market light-based technology. L700 sets enable doors to be opened “at the speed of light”.

The demands made of a modern locking system are shifting: there is a growing desire for access rights to be awarded flexibly or for limited times. We all want to be able to respond quickly when keys are lost without incurring any costs in the process. And we are very intent on making things more convenient for ourselves.

FSB’s range of electronic access-control systems combine top-quality design, ease of handling and straightforward upgradeability.

Upholding this tradition is our newto- the-market L700 LightAccess Pro, a system that turns your smartphone into a “networked key”.

Light and colour are often referred to as the fourth dimension of architecture. L700 harnesses both to the cause of making access events more convenient and flexible. Under L700, the door hardware is actuated by means of encrypted optical signals that can be generated by any smartphone equipped with a colour display.

Andreas Klöpfer
Head of Business Unit Electronic Access Control
Phone +49 5272 608-723

One solution for all needs:
fit for heavy-duty applications and custom-scaleable

Whether in new or older buildings, whether for private or commercial use, L700 is fit for heavy-duty applications pursuant to DIN EN 1906, is web-based and requires no additional IT infrastructure. That makes adopting and adapting particularly easy. Switching from conventional mechanical fittings to L700 is an uncomplicated affair. L700 can be easily scaled should spatial or use-related requirements alter.

Battery-operated and wirelessly fitted, all L700 hardware is suitable for flush and moulded-frame doors in timber, steel, aluminium, and synthetic material, as well as being available for glazed doors.

The usual DIN borehole layout is used when fitting L700 hardware. The existing rose furniture is removed from the door and replaced by the new L700 hardware without any new holes having to be drilled, wires laid or other modifications made. The lever sets involved are non-handed, thus obviating the need for laborious, time-consuming conversion work as well as simplifying warehousing procedures.

Such benefits are an aid to preparatory planning (e. g. in respect of wrong orders) and give rise to greater flexibility as regards assembly on site.

The hardware can, therefore, also fitted on fire retardant, smoke-control and emergency- exit doors to suit the specifications of DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125. Rounding off the range are profile thumb-turncylinders and wall readers with which to equip points of access not served by a lever handle.

Wall readers allow automatic sliding doors as well as gates, turnstiles or barriersystems to be integrated.