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Door pulls with Fingerscan

F Series door pulls with Fingerscan technology can tell from your fingers whether you’re entitled to enter … or not. Equipped with a discreetly incorporated identification unit, they combine first-class FSB door-pull design with the benefits of biometric safeguards.

With door pulls in the F series from FSB, you always have your keys to hand – in the truest sense of the word. Lost or even stolen keys are now finally a thing of the past. Another advantage concerns the flexible handling of access rights, which can be conveniently enabled or deleted via the menu-driven programming unit. This provides organisational scope for awarding limited-duration access rights, either for neighbours so they can water your plants while you are away on holiday or for cleaning staff granted access to specific premises for prescribed periods. Operating the Fingerscan door pull is likewise child’s play: you simply pass a finger over the scanner to open the door.

There are four different designs of pull to choose from: three classic designs in Stainless Steel as online or cranked variants with a diameter of 30 or 35 mm as well as a pull with an oval cross section of 38.5 × 20 mm similarly made in Stainless Steel. The in-line model with a diameter of 35 mm is also optionally available in Bronze. As a means of exactly matching your Fingerscan pull to the proportions of your entrance door, FSB can, for a small additional charge, customise both the length and the position of the reader unit.

The F system is perfectly rounded off by a motor lock or motor-operated multipoint locking system that always completely re-locks the door once it has been closed.

The F Series comes in three different system variants:

F100 – with a relay to actuate an electric motor lock or electric door opener.

F200 – with two relays to actuate peripheral equipment or other functions such as burglar alarms or garage-door openers.

F300 – with three relays to actuate peripheral equipment or other functions such as burglar alarms or garage-door openers given surface or top-hat-rail mounting of the controller.

F Series at a glance

Weight off your mind
Puts an end to the search for lost keys, forgotten access codes or cards. Added benefits in combination with motorised locks.

Highly convenient
Your key is always “to hand” – one key/finger affords you access to your house, garage, garden, office etc.

Customised configurations
Choose between 3 different controllers for the variant which best matches your functional requirements.

Easy to use due to integration of the biometric reader into the door pull.

Proof against loss
It is no longer possible to lose or forget your keys and lock yourself out.

Proof against theft
It is not possible for your key to be stolen. Added security in combination with motorised locks.

Proof against forgery
Every finger is unique.

The system cannot be interfered with from the outside, since data movements are encrypted and hence secure.

The user saves or deletes access rights him/herself (without the need for a PC or technician) via a menu-driven controller built into the door.

Effortlessly connected up
To an electric opener, motorised lock or electric multipoint lock.

Wholly suitable for outdoor use
From −20 °C to +75 °C.

Extremely long-lived
Up to 4 million operations guaranteed.

Insensitive to cuts and minor injuries

24 month guarantee

Always to hand: your fingers

Biometric systems have been used in banks and high-security areas for many years and have now become available for everyday use by private persons and companies.

Today’s systems scan optically, capacitively or thermally. We have chosen to use the thermal line sensor on account of its fine anti-tamper credentials, resistance to environmental impacts and optimum scanning results. Special features known as minutiae are filtered out of the scanned image of your finger, archived as a biometric key and compared.

It is not so much the “pattern” of your fingerprint that matters here as temperature differentials at specific points – at the “peaks” and “troughs” of your fingerprint to be precise. Hence it is impossible to tamper with the system by using fingerprints taken from other surfaces. Instead of image data, a binary code is memorised that cannot be reproduced in the form of a fingerprint image.

Custom-adaptable, flexibly expandable

Retrofitting to existing doors

The FSB F door pull can also be fitted to existing doors that do not feature a motor lock or motor-driven multipoint locking system. Besides lower investment costs, there is a strong case for the F pull in combination with an electric door opener here if the door is left on the latch – during the day, for instance. The opener is directly actuated by the F pull and, given positive identification, releases the latch. Remote operation is feasible, too, of course. The door is locked in the “classical” manner, i. e. manually via the lock cylinder.

Unlocking the door via an intercom or external push-button

FSB’s F door pull is compatible with all the principal motor-driven multipoint locking systems and security locking components marketed, including those by Winkhaus, KFV, G.U, Roto and Fuhr, meaning there is no need to forego such convenience.

The benefit here is that, as well as being kept on the latch or released by the external push-button, the door is completely locked/unlocked after each operation. Hence this is the most consistent configuration in safety terms, since the door is always deemed to be “locked” for insurance purposes. This applies both for operation with and without the remote opening function.

Time-based access arrangements

The repertoire of the F door pull can also be expanded to accommodate requirements such as only being able to negotiate doors during office hours. Combined with an electric door opener/unlocking device, the system simultaneously permits direct electronic control of the motor lock for day/night-time operation. This can be achieved by means of either a manually operated switch or a programmable pilot relay connected directly to the motorised lock.

The door remains unlocked during the day whereas, at night, it is completely locked/unlocked after each operation. Access is then only possible with due authorisation. All you need do to set this up is to once only enter days of the week and the relevant times into the pilot relay so the door can be opened during business hours without finger identification. If switching manually, you will need to switch between day and night mode each day.

Connection of the F door pull to the power supply must be carried out on site by suitably qualified staff.

Plug and play

The new plug-in cable connectors allow F door pulls to be fitted adopting the “plug and play” principle. The tedious stripping and cutting-to-length of wires, plus the attendant risk of incorrect polarity, are now all a thing of the past.

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