Electronic access management

Design, convenience and security hand in hand

The FSB brand of electronic access management was developed in response to rising building-management requirements and constantly changing user structures, with both of which mechanical lock suites are hard put to cope. It delivers unrestricted scalability, flexibility in operation, ergonomic properties, outstanding design and notable ease of operation.

System variants


Smartphones have already become the primary point around which we organize our daily lives.The L700 system marries the benefits of electronic access control to a unique-tothe- market light-based technology. L700 sets enable doors to be opened “at the speed of light”.


M500 is coherently conceived right through to its peripherals, providing solutions for virtually all access scenarios and access points. Online and offline components complement each other to the dot whilst simultaneously taking account of your own specific requirements. Programming is performed using FSB Access Management Software and a WiFi/LAN-based radio network.


M100 is a compact starter package that’s child’s play to operate by means of card-based programming at the actual fitting. Its low degree of complexity makes M100 ideal for buildings with low numbers of doors or tight budgets, whether they be private residences, doctors’ surgeries, lawyers’ chambers or other premises of comparable size.

F100 | 200 | 300

F Series door pulls with Fingerscan technology can tell from your fingers whether you’re entitled to enter … or not. Biometric systems have already been in use in banks and high security areas for many years. Now this technology is also available for residential doors, coupled with the usual top-notch FSB design.

“Easy beats complicated.” (Dieter Rams)

Addressing ourselves to the electronic organisation of access rights is something that literally came to hand for us. Ease of handling and flexible scope for expansion are at the heart of our future-driven system solutions for electronic access management

The various systems can be extended and combined at will for unsurpassed levels of flexibility at the heart of a concept that yields considerable cost-savings. Builders' clients and operators initially adopting a solution for a smaller building can effortlessly upgrade to a system fulfilling the most complex building and administration requirements. Design, flexibility and secure go hand in hand with optimum user convenience.

The means of electronic identification for M Series hardware is squeezed beneath the handle rose or outer backplate together with a mechatronic module. Sets are battery-operated, rendering the laying of additional cables superfluous. All this turns M100 and M500 into unique-to-the-market electronic hardware solutions for flush, glass and narrow-frame doors that boast classic rose/backplate visuals and are duly approved to DIN 18 273 and DIN EN 179. They can be made to blend in with any conceivable architectural scheme when combined with one of several attractive FSB door-lever models in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze.

The "F" Series is a range of classic FSB tubular pull handle designs that have been fitted with exceedingly unobtrusive biometric identification units and are suitable for use in both Civic/Commercial and residential ventures. They enable the user to open doors without a separate key and are as compelling in security terms as they are convenient.

Illustrative projects

Stadskantoor Torhout, Belgium

Gino Debruyne & Architekten

Erich-Kästner-Schule, Oelde

farwick + grote