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FSB Plug-in handles for internal doors

Uniquely minimalist

FSB provides the wherewithal for fitting handles of consistent design and material to doors and windows from the cellar right up to the loft. FSB’s new plug-in handles for internal doors follow on from those for windows and embody the same principle.

FSB’s plug-in handle for internal doors is very much at home in select housing projects and, with the applicable certification pending (as at October 2018), is equally suitable for ambitious Civic & Commercial schemes too. The formal and functional qualities of FSB’s new plug-in handle come into their own wherever, in keeping with the adage “less is more”, particular store is set by good design and unobtrusive elegance.

Its rose measures just 30 mm across and 2 mm from top to bottom, a veritable feat of minimalism. The hardware’s inner values likewise embrace unprecedented scope for offsetting play between handle and lock, something that considerably simplifies matters at the assembly stage. The working parts are similarly shown to be of typical FSB quality by having survived a million fatigue test cycles unscathed.