FSB + SimonsVoss

Design meets technology

Design meets technology: the best of both worlds. We live this motto of our cooperation every day for the benefit of our customers. We combine long-lasting, future-proof lock systems with innovative technologies and the highest standard of design.

Door handles from FSB: Tradition. Expertise. Design.

FSB is a synonym the world over for visually and functionally compelling system solutions for doors and windows. Architects and builders see these three letters as the embodiment of high-quality, perfectly crafted products made using contemporary materials.

SimonsVoss: the finest in keyless security.

SimonsVoss invented the digital lock cylinder more than 25 years ago. The company pioneered the development of remote-controlled, wireless locking technology and is still considered a technology leader to this day just as before.

SmartHandle AX

SmartHandle AX is the new generation of digital door fittings for indoor use by SimonsVoss. The combination with door handles from FSB via a specially developed adaptor opens up unique design possibilities.

Digital Cylinder AX

The Digital Cylinder AX is the most powerful cylinder SimonsVoss has. And it is also the most user-friendly: an ergonomic yet compact knob with visual and acoustic signals makes operation a breeze. The look is completed with the option to combine with FSB lever/lever sets.

The benefits of digital locking

Never worry about losing your key

  • Misplaced, lost or stolen digital keys can be blocked at any time
  • No need to pay expensive costs to replace mechanical cylinders and keys

One key to open all locks

  • A digital key can operate all lock components
  • Suitable for all types of doors, lifts, cabinets, roller shutters and wardrobe doors

More control and security

  • Digital lock systems with access control let you define access rights for individual key holders
  • Check who entered, when and where with just a few clicks on your computer

Fast and easy installation

  • Digital lock components are as quick and easy to install as conventional variants
  • Installation is clean, with no need to wire the door, even when retrofitting

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