Virtual gripping

At home in any bathroom or WC: the ErgoSystem® allows completely barrier-free solutions to be incorporated into any architectural scheme. Elegant formal attributes, variants in two attractive materials, top-quality workmanship “made in Brakel, Germany” and, last but not least, an incomparable product depth leave nothing to be desired.

Safety that reaches out to you

Functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics are what our ErgoSystem® is all about, a system that sees the handle-culture expertise we have amassed in over 140 years in business applied to products for sanitary applications. The ErgoSystem® is not geared to a specific age group, though, but pursues a “design-for-all” approach instead.

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One system, two variants plus bathroom accessories

ErgoSystem® E300

The classic ErgoSystem® E300 in Stainless Steel is a byword for unparalleled product depth, superlative design and functional diversity.

ErgoSystem® A100

ErgoSystem® A100 in Aluminium embodies the same intrinsic qualities as its E300 counterpart whilst also scoring heavily in terms of budget-consciousness, handling and interior harmonisation.

METRIC® Bad-Accessoires

METRIC® bathroom accessories look right in any setting. At the heart of METRIC® is a design concept based on geometric shapes.

Diagonal + oval = secure gripping

Unique to the marketplace is the notion of a diagonally aligned, oval cross-section that rigorously observes the ergonomics of good grip to deliver unparalleled convenience and dependable support. The hand snugly encloses an elliptical cross-section. The effort involved is evenly distributed between all finger joints and optimum use is made of all parts of the hand. As a result, far less force needs to be exerted by the hand than is the case with a circular cross-section. This enables people of all ages, from tiny tots to senior citizens, to benefit from design that has been exhaustively thought through.

The diagonally aligned, oval handrails by FSB likewise rigorously observe the ergonomics of good grip, affording premium fitment options for the bar¬rie¬r--free design of bathrooms, corridors and hallways, public buildings and spaces, cli-nics and hospitals.

Superior in every respect

ErgoSystem® E300 und A100

Made in Germany
FSB develops and produces in Brakel

Customers’ wishes paramount
Custom solutions with bespoke dimensions and finishes

In-house tool manufacture
Speedy, flexible production

Include red dot and ICONIC AWARD, CE kitemark for selected products

Hands grip ovally
The hardware’s unique elliptical styling allows it to be firmly gripped with less effort

ErgoSystem® E300

Stainless Steel
Available in either a satin-matt or mirror-polish finish, it is extremely corrosion-resistant and virtually impervious to bump and scratch marks

Stainless steel is said to have disinfectant properties and is particularly easy to look after

Incomparable system depth with over 400 products for virtually any conceivable application in bathrooms and WCs

ErgoSystem® A100

Highly visible
Variable colour combinations make for optimum visibility and greater safety (brightness reference values)

Colour variants
Six standard and over 100 RAL colours (to order) ensure any setting can be catered to

Convenience, safety and high-quality design go hand in hand with cost benefits