L700 LightAccess Pro by FSB:

New dimension in electronic access control

Our market innovation L700 LightAccess Pro turns smartphones into a “n etworked key”. L700 is ideal for a broad range of commercial and private application scenarios as well as for use on a small, medium or large scale. It scores heavily both on account of its being easy to install and start up and its being very convenient to use. A web-based system, it actuates the door furniture by means of encrypted optical signals generated by any smartphone with a colour display – regardless of the device’s maker or operating system.

Access authorisations and locking plans are administered either through an online platform reached via your web browser or else with the aid of an app. It is possible in this way to run the system both centrally and decentrally with an intuitive user interface. Users can administer their own access rights as well as those of others such members of staff or the family if so authorised. Access authorisations are conveniently managed in both global and local structures.

The L700 LightAccess Pro system generates digital keys using Light- SpeedAccess technology. It is possible to individually award, amend or rescind temporary, comprehensive or room-level access authorisations. Commands are transmitted by SMS or email via the web or the mobile telephony network. A single click opens a digital key that appears as an encrypted optical signal on the smartphone’s display. The user holds this up to the reader on the door hardware and, assuming he or she is in fact authorised, access is granted.

The app suggests itself in particular in the case of defined or low-fluctuation user groups and offers extended functions for added convenience of use. It is available for smartphones with Apple iOS and Google’s Android operating system.

The entire data transmission process is End-to-End, SSL or AES 128-bit encrypted and hence meets the most exacting security standards. To open doors without the aid of a smartphone, recourse can optionally be had to the built-in Mifare® DESFire technology in conjunction with a transponder in the form of a card or key tag.

L700 lever sets are unreservedly fit for heavy-duty applications as defined in DIN EN 1906 and come along with a complete range of related furnitures for flush, moulded-frame, glass and external doors in a variety of FSB door-handle designs. There is a choice, depending on the model, of surface finishes in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Bronze or Brass.

Use is made of the standard DIN borehole layout when assembling the battery-operated, wirelessly fitted L700 lever sets. The hardware can, therefore, also be fitted on fire retardant, smoke-control and emergencyexit doors to suit the specifications of DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125.

The existing rose furniture is removed from the door and replaced by the new L700 hardware without any new holes having to be drilled, wires laid or other modifications made. The lever sets involved are non-handed, thus obviating the need for laborious, time-consuming conversion work as well as simplifying warehousing procedures and making for greater flexibility during assembly on site.

L700 is compatible with most mortice locks approved under the applicable European and DIN standards. Rounding off the range are profile thumb-turn-cylinders and wall readers. Electronic locking can be optionally augmented by the use of a mechanical profile cylinder to, for instance, create a fire-brigade closure.

The L700 set is started up by scanning in the QR code supplied with the product by smartphone or tablet and is then ready to go. The timeconsuming programming or operation with a programming device often required are done away with.

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