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Classic fittings for doors and windows and more

The authors and architects range of handles on the one hand and the plethora of door handle designs from FSB on the other hand from the classical modern period have become legendary in the meantime.

Their validity in the world of international architecture is not just based on the formal and material consistency of the range of handles but also on the variety of relevant technical and regulatory parameters: So FSB can offer almost all fittings for large buildings as well as for fire doors. Both categories are now equipped with the new, second generation of AGL® or AGL® FS technology.

In the area of systems of fittings for emergency exits, where components which have been tested and certified together are required, FSB offers the most extensive range in the sector. For framed doors the material and formal consistency applies as well as approval to the pertinent regulatory standards in the same way.

This is complemented by a very sophisticated fixing technique which knows no equal in the hardware sector. The range of window handles is similarly well thought through, and it is not just oriented towards window functions as it also provides a wealth of locking and security applications.

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