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News from Brakel.

February 2016

Architects get hands-on:
New handle collections from FSB

FSB feels that decisions for or against a given door handle model always need to be taken bearing the surrounding architecture in mind. A space’s idiom, after all, articulates itself in compressed form in a handle’s design. Either the handle becomes a harmonious part of the whole, or it quite deliberately creates a point of contrast. The very nature of FSB’s discourse with architects indicates just how deeply engrained in the company’s thinking architecture is.

Good looks down to the last detail:
FSB window handles for narrow profiles

There is a solid tradition at FSB of refining products whose form and function are already well established and of constantly enhancing their fine detail. The eastern Westphalian makers of system solutions for doors, windows and barrier-free convenience never in the process lose sight of changing architectural requirements. The new FSB window handles for narrow profiles have been designed in response to a trend championing filigree design-engineering solutions that unobtrusively blend in with the host architecture.

July 2015

The ErgoSystem® A100 from FSB:
Freedom from barriers simple and attractive to modest budgets

FSB expands the ErgoSystem® to a system family: with the new ErgoSystem® A100, FSB presents the budget-attractive alternative to the ErgoSystem® E300. Whilst the latter is often preferred for exclusive furnishings (e.g. hotels) and optional service areas, budget-sensitive projects can also enjoy FSB quality with the ErgoSystem® A100.

October 2014

The ErgoSystem® in its individual parts:
FSB provides detailed grasp of their quality and design

ErgoSystem® manufacturer FSB has now come up with a truly “explosive” idea for a product series that has garnered the “Red Dot Design Award”, the “iF Award” and the “architecture + health Innovation Prize” amongst others: the company from Brakel in eastern Westphalia is displaying all the parts of its functional and supremely well-crafted ErgoSystem® individually.

Classics for modernity from FSB:
door and window hardware in bronze for inside and out.

Alongside design and ergonomics, a key role is played by the material in the manufacture of fittings. In adopting bronze, FSB has revived a material that is historic in two senses.

March 2014

The stuff of slick entrances:
recessed pulls for sliding doors by FSB

With its closed flush pulls for sliding doors serving bathrooms and toilets, FSB has delivered a formally and functionally innovative hardware solution meeting the most exacting visual demands and augmenting the established range of closed and open recessed pulls for surrounding areas in the home.

September 2012

Fingerscan door pulls by FSB know by the fingers on your hand
whether to let you through or not.

The F series comprises traditional FSB tubular pull designs, equipped with an exceedingly unobtrusive biometric identifier, that are ideal for use in both public project and residential building ventures. These door pulls enable the user to open the door without a separate key and constitute a solution that is as convenient as it is compelling in security terms.

May 2012

Compellingly engineered and designed:
window handles by FSB

Fitting out public project buildings is about more than just door hardware. FSB’s global reputation is founded in part on the fact that the range of products supplied by the eastern Westphalian company provides a plethora of compelling answers as regards both form and functionality – a case in point being window handles in over 35 design variants on oval or angular roses boasting a wealth of differing technical functions for specific areas of application.

End-to-end FSB quality:
lock and hardware from a single source

FSB is re-uniting what was once one with a comprehensive range of mortice locks. In pre-industrial times, after all, lock and hardware formed a single unit. The two components became detached as it were in the course of industrialisation – and their separation was sealed by a series of industrial standards.

For special cases:
FSB hardware for prisons and forensic units

FSB, eastern Westphalian manufacturer of systems and solutions for doors and windows, has many years of experience in developing products for prisons, forensic units and psychiatric institutions.

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