Why not get hands-on

with FSB.

Job vacancies

We are a medium-sized business employing over 700 people that is characterised both by its wide variety of hardware solutions for international construction projects and its activities in the fields of architecture, culture and design. We stand for in-depth innovation management and a distinctive publicity culture, furthermore.

The need to consolidate and develop our market position means new products and production methods are constantly required. Our qualified staff are a precondition for this.

Find out all about the current vacancies at our company. We look forward to getting to know you.

    Training offers

    As a globally very successful and steadily growing enterprise, FSB lays great store by training excellent junior staff.

    Submit your full application to our Personnel Department, which will also be glad to furnish you with further information.

    Want to try your hand at FSB? We're always looking for qualified reinforcements. Simply click through the various training offers.

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