Electronic access management

The new system range of FSB.

The culture of innovation at FSB is legend: always open to new ideas, we have re-examined the credentials of existing hardware solutions for the public project sector over and over again.

Thus it stood to reason that we would also address the electronic organisation of access rights. Our system range comprises unique, systemically harmonised and patented hardware solutions that meet all the requirements for the modern digital organisation of buildings and have firmly established themselves in the marketplace with a plethora of added functional features.

The F series with integrated finger scanner in the handle is persuasive in visual, functional and ergonomic terms. Comparable convenience is provided by the M and T systems, in which access identification is straightforwardly triggered by passing the identifier over the hardware and the door is conveniently opened by operating the handle.

We have, moreover, designed the electronic access management system with the specific needs of builders’ clients in mind. Regardless of whether a smaller, ambitious or highly complex building venture is involved, the system range allows FSB to come up with just the right solution for you – including from a budgetary point of view.


  • for less complex requirements
  • for residential and public project construction
  • attractively priced due to card-based programming


  • for highly complex requirements and heterogeneous building structures
  • scope for operation with outside systems


  • for complex requirements
  • full online capability
  • scope for offline functions
  • on/offline functions combinable

F100 / F200 / F300

  • for residential and public project construction
  • biometrics system in exclusive design

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